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November 2013
I’ve hired ZLS Publishing for both editing and layout. Working with ZLS Publishing is not like working with any other company. Yes, they are a book publishing company and yes, you expect them to know what they are doing, but the experience with them is different. When working with them, they take you under their wing. You are not just a client. You are a person with a dream and an aspiration. They understand that writing a book is not just about writing a book. It’s about making a life long dream come true. It’s about fulfilling something on your bucket list. Ha! Ha! They take you under their wing and they help you not make the regular industry mistakes. This is my first book and I intend on ensuring that this book does well. Working with ZLS Publishing is a step above the rest. They school you on publishing. The fact that they take the time to do more than just whatever it is you are hiring them to do, speaks volumes to the integrity and the bones of this company. There is a lot to learn about self-publishing and just the publishing industry in general, and the fact that they have chosen to take the time to school you, when that isn’t what you are paying for, is what makes me work with them and will continue to do so, book after book. I highly recommend any author who wants honesty, integrity, truth and to be placed under a real wing; like your mothers wing, to use them for any and all of their services. I am!Linda-Writer on her way!

May 2013

Another Recommendation:
“I hired you guys to fix a poor editing job done by another so-called editor. You guys did such a great job. While my book isn’t out yet and will be out in September, the reviews on it are getting great reviews. Now, when I placed my book out initially using the former editor for reviews, folks were screaming about how poor the editing was. I was embarrassed, but using your company and your editors has taken the embarrassment  away. I quickly took down the poor edits done by the former editor and when yours came back I put them up instead.  As I work hard to get my book marketed, I know from experience that it’s because of how well your company did their job. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”Rhanae  

February 2013 Reviews














Another Recommendation: “Using the adage “commitment to excellence” is a gross understatement when it come to Lishone and her company, ZLS Publishing. Not only is she phenomenal with whom she chooses to publish and the quality of work her company puts out, she gives honest feedback and a menagerie of resources that helps new and seasoned author. Lishone and ZLS Publishing are definite assets to the literary community.” May 10, 2012– By Brandie Randolph-CEO of Editing Couturewww.editingcouture.com -Also on LinkedIn

Another Recommendation: “Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate your clients is outstanding. Working with you on my book was a joy…..Hoping and knowing we will meet again in the world of books.Thank You” Yvette Lee

Another Recommendation: “Thank you Lishone for your remarks. I so often feel overwhelmed between writing the new book and marketing the previous books. Sometimes a simple comment like: “Market while you’re writing the book. Market when you’re done. Market it before it goes to print and after it’s been printed,” switches a light bulb on. You did that for me! I realize there is no beginning or end, just a continuation. My new book has been very successful in Florida where I live. Your words have inspired me to make the time to continue marketing, accessing social media and Internet book reviewers. Thank you for you brilliant words”-Ellen Brazer-April 23, 2011

Another Recommendation:
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
“I contacted Lishone for help in marketing a Myspace blog. The recommendations given were perfect, things that could be done easily and simply. After implementing these ideas, I noticed a noticeable improvement in the number of readers each day. As a result, I am achieving my goals, and attracting new readers each day. I couldn’t have been happier.” -Tommy-May 26, 2010 -Also on LinkedIn

Another Recommendation
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I was originally recommended to Lishone from a friend. I was told that her company-The ZLS Group was the best in town for branding/marketing services, publishing, etc. So I went to her to get help on editing for a short story, then some branding/marketing ideas. Lishone’ is one who is passionate about all that she does. She knows her stuff, is passionate about it and it shows. She eats, breathes, and sleeps her company. Her staff is great and very professional and the customer service is outstanding. She is honest, reliable, consistent and I knew so much more after talking to her each conversation than I did before the conversation. I will go to her for anything that I need done. I love her passion. I love the fact that she will help you regardless of whether or not you become a client of hers. She does not pressure you and instead empowers you. Be it either a telephone call, an email or even a office visit, I’ve always left feeling empowered. I have used her several times and have been more than satisfied with the results. Lishone and her company is a company one wants to hire if they are serious about getting their writing together. I’ll recommend her and use her any day of the week. Never a better organization to work with.” April 16, 2010 – Also on LinkedIn



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