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A Title Has Been Chosen!

Thank you for helping us choose a title. The title of our fall upcoming book is: Cheyanna and the Holey Horse!

Cheyanna has never won a rodeo on her favorite horse, Rocky. With Rocky growing old, Cheyanna's family decides its time for her to get a horse she can win on. The horse, her mom brings home, BigHornCatchMeQuick, comes with a slight surprise, however: a gaping hole in his neck from a tracheotomy. Cheyanna's father refuses to support the horse, while Cheyanna struggles with her insecurities over the horse's appearance and people's opinions of her, as well as her father's disapproval. Her mother, once a great rodeo champion herself, shares with her daughter the old images of her winning horse when she was young. Cheyanna is surprised to see a horse with many scars and patches of missing hair from a cougar attack. Cheyanna learns that appearances do not determine success or popularity and accepts BigHorn as her horse, but even so, her father refuses to relent. Only when, in an astonishing act of bravery, Cheyanna rescues a drowning bull while riding bareback on BigHorn, does her father finally change his mind.

Cheyanna and the Holey Horse Book Trailer

Here is the book trailer for the upcoming book: Cheyanna and the Holey Horse due out on September 1st.

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